Radish Cucumber Guacamole

Ever had that moment that you have really awkward ingredients in your fridge that you never really use? Yeah that moment was how this recipe happened.

I received cucumbers and radishes in the mix box from the local farmers market. All I have ever done with cucumbers is put them in salad.

I had the idea to make some chorizo burgers and was searching for a great topper. Guacamole is good, and why not use what I had! The cool of cucumber and radish plus the spicy of the jalapeno and sausage: a perfect match!

-1 medium cucumber
-4 small avocados
-1 medium jalapeño
-2 limes
-7-8 small radishes
-3 green onions
-3 cloves of garlic
-half an onion
-salt and pepper to taste

Dice all the ingredients together except the avocado and lime. Cut and add each avocado and the pit to the veggies.

Mash and whip all your ingredients together. Add salt, pepper, and lime to taste as you whip the guacamole.

Special tip:
– Leave the pits in your guacamole after it is made, it keeps the guacamole greener longer!



Southwest Potato Hash

I have made this recipe twice since concoting this idea. It is simple and fast. It can be very versatile and easily adaoted for those who are vegan or gluten free. It can be eaten for any meal, really isn’t that harsh on the pocket book, and very easy on the dishwasher. This dish even makes for good leftovers.

When I initially put this dish together, I was greeted by hesitation from my fellows that would be cooking it for. I heard I don’t particular like sausage or spicy or sweet potatoes.  However, they thoroughly enjoyed it!

-2 medium sized potatoes
-1 large sweet potato
-1lb ground hot sausage
-1 onion
-1 bell pepper
-1 can of corn
-1 can of black beans
– 2 jalapeños,  if using ground beef, ground turkey, or mild sausage

Cut and prep potatoes, onion, and bell bepper. Brown sausage in a large skillet. Drain most of the grease. You want to leave some grease or add some oil to cook down your onions, bell pepper, and potatoes.  Add onion, bell pepper, and potatoes to pan. Cook until your potatoes are soft. Add in your black beans and corn when dish is almost done. Only leave them cooking in the pan long enough to get warm. Serve hot!


Special Notes:
-This dish is delicious with a fried egg on top for breakfast. The dish is good by itself for lunch or dinner.
– I also ate this dish with some nacho cheese mixed in for my lunch at work. It ended up very tasty.
– With a gluten free version sub the meat for ground beef or turkey. For a vegan version, take the meat away from the recipe, an extra can of beans or more potatoes or even tomatoes can be added if desired.