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Leftover Red Bean Chili

As I have examined before, I am not one to eat the same foods over and over. I can’t even do it with my favorite foods. However, I generally don’t cook in small portions.

Again this does involve a crock pot. We’re kinda lazy, and whatever I cook in the crock pot stays in until we eat all the leftovers or freeze them. This I just put the crock pot with leftovers back in the heater and cooked this meal.

• leftover red beans (we had about a half a pot)
• 1 can of black beans
• 1 can of stewed tomatoes
• 1 packet of chili seasoning
• 1 lb of ground beef
• 1 lb of ground hot sausage
• 1 cup of beef broth

Combine all ingredients in the crockpot. Cook on low for 8 hours, stirring occasionally.

If you used the previous red bean recipe to make your beans then your chili should not require too much additional seasoning.

The hot sausage in this recipe can be replaced with another type of ground sausage or more ground beef.

I like my chili with Frito chips and cheese. Others serve it with cornbread or crackers!


Leftover Ideas

Shrimp Leftovers: what to do?

So on this blog I’d like to share with ya’ll how we reinvented our shrimp remoulade and BBQ shrimp leftovers.

I explain to others that I am A.D.D. with food. I can’t eat at the restaurant or fast food place in the same week much less the month. I have a hard time eating leftovers and particularly if those leftovers last for days. Typically, this food would go bad until I had an epiphany! My mom and I started wondering what we could make out of what was present or freezing half and using it later to eat or add to a dish.

So I’d like to share our ideas for these leftovers.

First off the remoulade sauce, we ate it originally the traditional way, boiled shrimp and lettuce. My mom also ate it with a creole tomato and some of the boiled shrimp. She said it was delicious, but I am not a fan of tomatoes. For lunch one day I mixed the remoulade with a can of tuna. I just ate it with crackers. It was very flavorful version of tuna salad. Another night after we received more shrimp, mom fried some, tossed over lettuce with remoulade.

There are a few more ideas I have in mind but have not tried. I think remoulade would make a great pasta salad base or in a tomato cucumber salad. It work in almost any dish which calls for an alternative to just plain mayo, sandwiches, potato salad, etc. I even thinking it may work well with an Alfredo sauce.

We also did a few different meals with the BBQ shrimp. Mom made BBQ shrimp quesadillas! She peeled the shrimp, put them on tortillas, added cheese, and a bit of remoulade and BBQ shrimp sauce. We ate it all and dipped them in remoulade too! We also used the BBQ shrimp for breakfast. Scrambled some eggs, cheese, tortilla, and shrimp. Mom did the same for some the fried shrimp she made: scrambled eggs, cheese, tortilla, with remoulade.

There are tons of options for your leftovers! Don’t limit yourself!


The fried shrimp remoulade salad