Crock Pot Shrimp Tacos

Last night, there was an impromptu swim party at my house. Being the gracious hostess I am, I cooked. I love cooking for others and sharing what I make.

Originally, I was just going to make shredded chicken tacos in the crock pot. Low maintenance cooking, so I could spend time with my guests.

Lately, my grandfather (Poppy) has been bringing us a ton of shrimp. He lives down by the bayou and shrimp boats, so these are high quality, fresh shrimp. Our fridge packed, but we hate to say no because then he’ll never bring any again.

My mom is a speed peeler! She gets crawfish and shrimp done faster than anyone I know. Luckily for me and my guests, she peeled all the shrimp or else this tasty dish would have never happened!

Crock Pot Shrimp and Chicken Tacos:
• 1 can of black beans drained
• 1 can of corn drained
• 1 can of Rotel
• 1 red onion chopped
• 1 can of mango salsa
• 1 lime
• 2 tbsp of garlic powder
• fresh chopped parsley (optional)
• Boneless skinless chicken breasts or tenders
• Peeled deveined shrimp
Add all ingredients into crock pot. Cook for 4 hours on high. Shred chicken by pulling apart with forks. Serve with desired taco toppings and tortillas!

Special Notes: This recipe comes out really juicy and I did dump about half of the juice out before serving. I fed 8 very hungry people on this recipe, and I still had a small container to spare.


I used about a pound of shrimp and a pack of 12 chicken tenders. The picture above is what my pot looked like after all ingredients were added.


      The delicious finished product!


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